Welcome to Mary Holtrop, Kirkland Public Library’s new Director!

I have been our Director for approximately ten years and have been talking about retiring for the past two years.  There was no rush and everyone wanted to make sure we got the right person for the job.

We all believe that Mary is that person.  She is currently working at the Sycamore Public Library as their Business Manager and will continue to do so as our position is only part-time.   Mary has been working at our Library for the past two months with Linda and the other librarians to become familiar with our system.   She has been doing great and brings enthusiasm to the job.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of my role in the running of the Kirkland Public Library.  That includes the Library Board of Trustees, the staff who work with me now and over the past years, the personnel at the Village of Kirkland, our patrons, the entire community, and most of all my family.  I thought I was done working 16 years ago when I retired from a “real” job; however, when the opportunity came to be involved with the Library, I couldn’t pass it up.

We are not leaving the Village and I certainly will continue to be involved in the community playing an active role in the Kirkland Historical Society, the Chamber of Commerce, and Christmas in Kirkland, plus supporting others in their roles as well.

Most importantly, I will always be a life member of the Kirkland Public Library and one of their most passionate supporters!  Many thanks to everyone and don’t be surprised if you see me filling in for a few hours here and there.  

With great appreciation,

Linda Fett