School’s Starting Soon!

With school starting shortly, the Kirkland Public Library is preparing to help Hiawatha students make the grade!  We have a large selection of books that will certainly help explain many of the subjects students will be studying this year.  We have books on all fifty states and many countries throughout the world.  When studying Shakespeare, we have a set of books called “No Fear Shakespeare” to help figure out the language.  Altrusa International last year awarded us a grant and we purchased a set of books with the heading “Cartoon Guide”.  Subjects include algebra, chemistry, physics, the environment, genetics, US history, calculus, statistics, history of the modern world, and history of the universe.  These books are sure to make learning a new subject fun.  We also have over 100 books in the new set “Who Was, Who Is, What Is, What Was, Where Is, Where Was?”  A wide variety of people, places and things are covered in this series.

We also have the Big Fat Notebooks.  These are revolutionary study guides that are perfect for navigating those difficult middle school years.  Each indispensable book is like getting to borrow the notebook of the best student in the class, with highlighted key concepts, doodles that illuminate tricky ideas, helpful mnemonic devices and quizzes to recap it all.  There are five Big Fat Notebooks in all, books teen need to ace the main subjects taught in middle school.



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